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Emergency Preparedness & Handling of Personal Documents

June 1st is the start of hurricane season for the southeastern and gulf coastlines. Forecaster are predicting a busier season.

Looking at the recent flood and tornadoes and the intensity of their destruction where entire communities have been destroyed it might behoove us to make sure that were are prepared to evacuate on a moments notice.

So do you have an emergency plan in place so that if you have to evacuate quickly you are not scrambling looking for what to take.

Do you have a Grab & Go box filled with your important legal and personal documents? Are you asking yourself what type of documents should I take with me?

Top 5 Items For Your Grab & Go Bag

1. Disaster Plan
2. Insurance Policies
3. Legal documents
4. Medical Information
5. Personal Property Inventory

These should be in a fireproof/waterproof container or in an electronic format such as an Emergency Flash Drive, CD-ROM or off-site.

These media formats should be stored in a safe place and in more than one place.

Grab and Go Boxes for example can be kept in a safe place in your home and moved close to your exit door.

A Grab & Go checklist is available by clicking here (connect to PDF checklist)

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