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Aging in Place Services

Our Aging in Place Division provides an assessment of your current home to determine if it is safe and barrier free.

An “aging in place” environment allows seniors to live an independent, self-sufficient, and dignified lifestyle for as long as possible and gives families peace of mind.

It can keep seniors from entering assisted-living facilities, prematurely.

Planning early enough in the retirement continuum will determine the quality and lifestyle lived out later in life.

The Baby Boomer generation will all age at the same time over the next 30 years and many will want to “age in place” in their own home.

Benefits of Aging in Place Services

  • Empty nest syndrome adults can remodel their existing space to include housing for aging parents or in-house help in the future.
  • Retirees looking for their dream home should make sure it is “aging in place” ready.
  • Older seniors can improve or modify their living space in four ways: fall prevention, barrier-free spaces, remodeling and installing smart equipment.

Professional assistance in helping seniors evaluate their accommodations and implementing the right combination of home and lifestyle modifications may be the first step for you or your family member to “age in place” both independently and safely.