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Wanda Gozdz of Golden Age Living, LLC, a CLIPP- and CAPS-certified specialist based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, emphasizes education and better communication for dealers.

CLIPP stands for Certified Living in Place Professional. CLIPP is affiliated with the recently formed Living in Place Institute. CAPS stands for Certified Aging in Place Specialist.

What advice do you have for dealers who are working with older adults?

Gozdz: We speak to four critical themes. Security, safety, ease of use and comfort. When you talk about products this way, it’s a different perspective. Good communication is key. Understand the different categories of this population, be able to communicate the value of these products and, most importantly, provide the products and services that meet a customer’s specific needs. What do they really need? A large part of the population wants to age in place, which simply means to be able to adapt your environment as your lifestyle changes. Taking a proactive approach to prepare for this process is a win-win for all.

Learning how to conduct an intense assessment or referring to the assessment of a trained professional can help dealers best address customers’ needs, Gozdz says.