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Sensible Smart Tips for Living In Your Forever Home (e-book)

People like to be in control of their lives regardless of age.

And, as we grow older, we start to need assistance with tasks and functions, yet still want to maintain degrees of control and independence.

Seniors especially need to feel safe, be self-sufficient and self-reliant, but also want to remain independent for as long as possible.

Their health, safety and welfare are a priority.

As we age, our motor and physical skills change; range of motion to reach and lift becomes limited; depth perception is diminished; and hearing lessens.

Visual ability weakens. It becomes difficult to differentiate colors that do not contrast because the eyes’ lens yellow and thicken with age.

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Today, we can pre-plan and modify our home to adapt to these lifestyle changes BEFORE some or most of them occur.

This book is written for people who want to live forever in their home and age in place. We call aging in place as living in your Forever Home™.

By using technology and innovative products, we can create a “smart house.”

This enables us to “age in place” with dignity and grace and remain independent in our Forever Home™ for as long as possible.

As you read and study these tips, assess your place.

Take a walking tour of your own home, with pen and paper in hand. Bring in a friend or family member to help you with your tour.

Visit every living space, including garage, front and back yards.

As you complete each tip, ask yourself: is my home safe? Is my home functional? What do I need to alter, change, install, remove, update or fix to make it more so?

If this whole process feels timely and overwhelming, bring in a specialist who will sort through your needs and wants to create your space so you can live forever in your Forever- Home™.

e-Book: “Sensible Smart Tips for Living In Your Forever Home”